Sunday, July 27, 2014

Women Healing Each Other and the World - The Blessing of a Women's Circle

This new painting, "The Blessing of a Women's Circle", was created in a moment of my gratefulness. I always appreciate my chosen "sisters" in life, but this past week especially I have felt an overwhelming love for the energy they bring to my life. Each one was met at special points in my Journey and quickly that bond was formed. Their presence in my life is probably one of the greatest gifts ever to receive, knowing that you are surrounded by unconditional love and support. 
We are living in challenging times. Our status as women and our rights are continually in a vulnerable state while we become fodder in political power and control battles. The media bombards us with underlying tones of never being enough, to strive for a sense of impossible perfection, and fosters a lowering of self esteem and competitiveness among us. As time goes on we are having to do and be more and more, with never ending lists and responsibilities. And through all the oppression and distractions in society,  our complex natures still focus on the personal growth of our souls, and hopes that we can heal the world. 

Each day I see more and more women, heavy with difficult challenges, reaching that point when they realize the grave importance of Rising above and Healing. Healing not only themselves and those around them, but their communities and the Earth. It is a calling for us to step up and reclaim our power. While we may mistakenly think that we are power-less and struggling, constantly flooded with hurdles,  in actuality we are at our strongest. They are tests of our authentic self, urging us to now Stand as Women and Heal.
The World needs us, as Mothers, as Caregivers, as Healers, and as Peace Makers to share our sense of balance and our ability to make choices for the highest good. It begins with healing ourselves. As we focus on our own spirit and nurture our bond as women, we teach our girls by example. And this is how we Heal the World.

My painting brings the bond of women, with no cultural or geographical lines dividing them, standing together in Love and Support, healing themselves and the World. 


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