Sunday, May 7, 2017

Coffee Break - The Importance of Fairy Fika

In the beginning, the very first Fairy Queen had put a lot of thought and love into creating the rules of the Land. She traveled the world, visiting other cultures and seeing what worked and what didn't...what she liked and what she didn't. Her ultimate goal was to create a home for her Fairy kin that would be supportive, nourishing, and sustaining. She wanted to be sure that there was every opportunity for Happiness possible.
While visiting in Sweden, she fell in love with their practice of Fika. Fika is a moment to gather, to converse, over coffee and a sweet bread. While the coffee and treat was superb on its own, it was much more than a coffee break,  the emphasis was on taking the time with someone else. Many of the businesses make Fika mandatory at different times in the day, and it has proven to be a great benefit for the people.
Coffee Break - The Importance of Fairy Fika

So the Fairy Queen decided that they would design their Land and create many many gathering places, for small groups and large groups, throughout the Fairy Kingdom. All kinds of places to sit and talk are virtually everywhere you look. Wooden benches, toadstools, empty nests, tree trunks, along with all kinds of other creative and natural sources were used.
Now on almost any given day when you stroll around their community, you will find the Fairies filling all of those creative spots.  Here and there, drinking coffee or tea, talking and laughing, the Fae are a closely-knit and loving people.
Coffee Break - The Importance of Fairy Fika

Should you unexpectedly meet up with a Fairy (and nowadays they disguise themselves well, but you will KNOW), and they invite you to Fika....graciously accept and enjoy the honor.

You can find my painting on my website here Coffee Break - the Importance of Fairy Fika

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

On Her Way to the Party - A Day in the Life of LilyBelle CloverSweet

All of her life  LilyBelle CloverSweet, Princess of the Snail Kingdom in Southern Wales, has been hearing the same things exclaimed at her from her friends. "Hurry Up LilyBelle!" "We're gonna be late LilyBelle!" "Come On, LilyBelle!"
For many years, since she was very young, she always felt so much pressure and anxiety from her friends. She would feel bad after spending time with them, feeling as if she was a burden because it would take her longer to get from Here to There. Often she would cry her self to sleep on her velvety Oak Leaf bed. 
On Her Way to the Party - A Day in the Life of LilyBelle CloverSweet

One night her Auntie Ophelia came in to tuck her in and talk to her. 
"Lilybelle, why do you worry so about what your friends say? I want you to realize that if we go through life too fast, we'll miss it all. You were meant to enjoy each and every moment, because they are precious. And once they are gone....they are gone. So cherish them, be present with them, take your Time. I know that you won't believe this but later on when those friends get older, they are going to look to You for your wisdom on Slowing Down and being Mindful."
Lilybelle laughed when she heard that ! Them look to her? 

On Her Way to the Party - A Day in the Life of LilyBelle CloverSweet

Today LilyBelle herself is an Auntie, and she is on her way to a party. She picks wildflowers along the way, a gift to cheer up her niece who will be there. Today she will pass along the sage wisdom she learned from Auntie Ophelia. If we go through Life too fast, we'll miss it all. Cherish those moments. 

You can find LilyBelle CloverSweet on my site here On Her Way to the Party

Tea Time at the Fae Nest

Everyone needs a little quiet alone time, and Olive DewBerry knows this most of all. The Fae in the Grove know her as one of the most popular social butterflies in the Forest. Olive is always the one who hosts the Afternoon Tea Times, puts together fabulous birthday parties, and organizes the weekly Firefly Music Concerts. She has a perpetual smile, giggles ferociously, and makes everyone feel as if they are the most important person in the room. Olive is such a happy and kind Faerie, that she makes her job as an organizer look far easier than it is. 
Tea Time for the Fae Original Painting by Jeanne Fry

So, what is Olive's secret to success? How does she make it all look so easy? And how on Earth does she keep that smile all day long? Olive learned the power of Me Time. She understands that in order to be able to give so much, and to be able to give happily from the heart, that she Must take care of herself first. 

In the early morning hours when the dew is still clinging to the petals, Olive quietly whisks herself away to a secret spot, where there is an empty nest amid the wild growing Wisteria. She crawls into the nest with a cup of Earl Grey tea. Here she slowly wakes up and listens to the songbirds and the crickets and the rabbits hop around in the thicket. Sweet smells of jasmine and honeysuckle waft through the breeze. These are the moments that are most special to her. Finally, when the sun creeps through and kisses the tip of her nose, she knows it's time to leave her secret morning magic and off to start a new day. 
Tea Time of the Fae Original Painting by Jeanne Fry

"Tea Time at the Fae Nest" is listed on my site here Faerie Nest Painting

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Warrior Woman, She Lives inside You

Warrior Woman, it is not necessary to exhibit your Strength in ways that aren't authentic to your soul. Be confident in your Warrior abilities, for they have come from your Mother, your Aunties, your Grandmothers, and your Great Grandmothers. Generations and generations of strong warrior women are a part of your DNA, all the way back to the Divine Feminine.
We have always been amazing Warriors, blessed as caretakers of this Earth and of Humanity. We have always been strong, intelligent, adaptable, strategic, and organized. We have always been beautiful creatures with a natural ability to hold Compassion and Understanding, which makes for an even stronger and more effective Warrior. Our society now encourages you to question your Inner Warrior and lose faith in your abilities.
Warrior Woman, She Lives inside You and Original Watercolor Painting

Warrior Women have the ability to hold the balance of the Light and the Dark, the Feminine and the Masculine, the Yin and the Yang. The ancestors will not let you forget that we were always Warriors, we were always Leaders, we have always been a part of Her tribe.

Warrior Woman, She Lives inside You, an Original Watercolor Painting by Jeanne Fry

We are needed right now, for there is a vast amount of Healing that needs to happen in the World. This is the time to remember who you are, and who was here before you.
This is the time to fully embrace and love every part of who you are.
This is the time to join with your sister Warriors and Rise Together.

Should you get tired or discouraged while you are fighting for Change, just remember.....She lives inside you. She has always been there. She will always be there.

(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry  All Rights Reserved

This Original Watercolor Painting, titled "Warrior Woman, She Lives inside You", is Day 14 of my Warrior Women series. You can find her here on my website Warrior Woman Watercolor Painting

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Multifarious Paths of the Emperor Moth - Original Contemporary Black and White Painting

This Original Painting of an Emperor Moth, created in Black and White, is titled "Multifarious" by Jeanne Fry. With a Contemporary and Modern feel, the painting focuses on the highly detailed Emperor Moth while hints of Abstract movement come from behind. 
By creating the artwork entirely in black, white, and shades of grey, I wanted to highlight the contrast and illusion of Simplicity and Complexity. The abstract flowing design behind the Moth represents various choices offered to the Moth - the Multifarious Paths of her journey. 

Original Black and White Painting of Emperor Moth 18x24 by Jeanne Fry

She later realized that she had put herself through a great deal of unnecessary worrying and stress. After exploring all of the various paths that were open to her, there was no "right or wrong" choice for they all brought her to the same destination - the place that her motivated heart desired. Some of the paths took considerably longer than others. Some of the paths were more difficult that others. And some of the paths tested her, asking her if she was sure about where and what she wanted.. She stayed persistent and strong, referring back to her heart when she doubted. She learned how sometimes we can make the most simple and obvious things in life way more complicated than need be. And, she learned above all, to be grateful for the Journey and grateful for the Multifarious Paths that bring it color. 

Original Black and White Emperor Moth Painting Framed 18x24
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Warrior Woman - Tend to Your Heart - Day 13 of my Warrior Women series

Warrior Woman, be sure to Tend to your Heart.
Don't build a wall around it,
don't allow it to harden,
for your Heart is the motivator for everything you Stand for.
Warrior Woman - Tend to your Heart - Original Watercolor Painting

Yes, there are times when your heart will ache
and times when it feels like someone is ripping it from your chest.
There may even be times when you will feel like you can't take anymore sadness..

But your Heart and your Spirit are more resilient than you know....

and the more you Feel....the more you Love.

Warrior Woman - Tend to your Heart - Original Watercolor Painting

Original Sold
Art Prints available on Fine Art America here Warrior Woman tend to your Heart

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Warrior Women - Lift Another Up - Day 12 of Warrior Women Series

"Warrior Women, there are some hard things going on in the World right now. You are needed.
You are needed to bring Healing, for the people, for the animals, and for our Mother Earth. And while yes, each day you can bring Goodness on your own....the World needs all of us right now. 
Sisterhood Warrior Women Original Acrylic Painting Art with a Voice by Jeanne Fry

It is time for us to Rise with one another. We must move past the ways in which society urges us to compete and criticize. We need to look and see clearly "sisters with strengths", and not "strangers with weaknesses". There is so much work to be done that we can not let labels divide us and stand in our way. 

Our steps should be guided by compassion and understanding. As we lift one another up, our loving bond becomes stronger." 

Sisterhood Warrior Women Original Acrylic Painting 11x14 Art with a Voice by Jeanne Fry

"Lift Another Up" was created for Day 12 of my Warrior Women series. It is an Original Acrylic Painting on Watercolor Paper that measures 11 x14. 

Original Sold
Art Prints available on Fine Art America here Lift Another Up - Sisterhood