Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Women are being called to Rise Up - for the World needs Healing

Seven years ago I sat with Willy Whitefeather, a Cherokee storyteller in Oregon, over coffee. While most days spent with Willy would be filled with stories, this day he was a bit more serious and subdued. He talked about his garden and the vegetables he was growing and about a recent siting of a bear on his property. He asked me about what I was currently creating in art and was interested in hearing about the inspirations behind my pieces. 
We talked about art and life and everyday things, and before he left he reached over and took my hand and urged me to continue Creating, especially the pieces that help to empower women. He said "The Women are being called...called to Rise Up...for the World needs Healing." His words have stayed with me all these years. 

Those words inspired my most recent gourd sculpted Art Doll, titled "Rise Up".

Rise Up a Gourd and Clay Sculpted Art Doll for Women's Empowerment

This Art Doll is a Gourd and Clay Sculpture. She has a complex headdress, painted in a finely detailed black and white design, symbolic of the knowledge she carries. Her dress is half black and half white, the yin and the yang, the balance that is needed for this Journey. She has pledged to be a Lightworker, focusing her energy on helping to heal the world, where an abundance of fear, anger, and sadness are overflowing.
Rise Up an Original Gourd and Clay Sculpted Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

She stands in a resting position with her arms crossed, looking off to the side. Her expression holds a myriad of emotions, for in her soul she is feeling thoughtful, focused, and filled with empathy and compassion, even sometimes a bit of sadness, as she offers a caring hand to many. When she wakes in the morning and prepares for her day, she asks "What can I do today to make a difference?"....and an answer always comes.
Rise Up an Original Gourd and Clay Art Doll for Women's Empowerment

She is continually busy, though at the end of the each day she does not feel drained but rather Complete. She continues to Rise Up each and every day, listening and helping wherever she can in the world. Often the Listening is the most valued of her offerings, as so many need a shoulder to lean on and an ear to hear their story.
She reminds us by her example of extending Acceptance and Tolerance, cherishing that each one of us humans are individuals with our own ideals and thoughts, and that our Beauty is in our Diversity. She does not give energy to divisiveness or hate, but responds only with Love, for she will not allow another's negativity to change her own spirit.
The Women are being Called to Rise Up for the World needs Healing

Her healing spirit stems from the immense Love she has for her Self, her family, her friends, her sisters, her neighbors, and...the World. When your work is based from Love, your soul is refilled each day with the energy  you need.
She watches over her community that is now vibrant, blooming, and creative. All colors are portrayed in the framework which now resonate with the our Earth's beautiful palette. She smiles inside knowing that when our beautiful human energy emits peace and love, the Earth responds in kindness.

Rise Up an Art Doll for Women Healers

She also knows that she Too is being watched over by another, included in another Sister's caring community. They along with others, create a networked web of healing that will eventually extend to every person and element of our Earth...the Caring that our World so desperately needs.
Rise Up an OOAK Gourd and Clay Art Doll for Women's Empowerment and Healing our World

Rise Up can be found on my website here

Rise Up Gourd and Clay Art Doll

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wisdom of the Cherry Blossom Tree

The flowers of the Cherry Blossom Tree are some of the most beautiful flora - delicate and petite - yet their existence is brief. Their bloom time, only a week or so, offers us great wisdom from those wee blossoms. 

Cherry Blossom Tree and its Symbolism

They whisper to us that we should not waste one minute on this Earth - there is beauty in everything if we take the time to see -  to enjoy each and every moment.
Breathe deep
Stretch far
Sip slowly and Taste
Dance in the rain
Feel the breeze on your cheek
Pick wildflowers
Hug the fur-babies
Sing in the car
Look for lucky clover
Watch the sun set
Watch the moon rise
Hug someone extra long
Listen intently to a friend
Speak your truth
Love yourself more
Get paint on your hands
Get dirt under your nails
Take the long route
Light a candle
Breathe deep
Make it Count

Cherry Blossom Tree and its Symbolism

My painting of the Cherry Blossom Tree is on my website here

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Talking Easel - my Friend my Confidant

On an overcast Monday afternoon, while busy painting in my studio and thinking about cleaning up for the day, I was completely unaware that I would soon be embarking on a meaningful journey with an Elder. Within just a quick half hour I was cleaning my palette and throwing my bag over my shoulder on my way to meet a friend. What I thought was going to be conversation over coffee, actually ended up being an introduction to an Elder male that needed a home. His guardian felt that the two of us would get along famously and trusted that I would be able to give him the home he deserved.
The Talking Easel by Jeanne Fry

Without a thought I invited him to get in my car and pulled the seat back so he could stretch his legs. He was quiet and reserved, and looked as if he had been a bit sad before getting here. It was pure silence on the way home, the two of us not quite knowing how to strike up a conversation just yet. 
I showed him to his new room which over looked the park and streetlights, quickly feeling a breath of relief shudder through him. He seemed to stand just a bit taller now, realizing he could watch the birds fly and the trees bloom and life move about. 
I placed my hand on his shoulder, whispering "welcome home" in his ear, noticing how weathered his skin was. 

As I went to turn away a warm soft voice answered back "It's wonderful to be home, I have a good bit of stories to tell you". 
I suppose I should have been startled, but the voice felt familiar and comforting. "I'll be back after dinner I told him", and he smiled and turned to watch the bluebird out the window. 

The Talking Easel a Series of Stories from an Antique Easel The Talking Easel a Series of Stories from an Antique Easel

Over dinner my husband commented on what a beautiful antique easel that was and how much character it had, and I said "Yes, he IS full of character" while I smiled and looked toward his room. 

The Talking Easel a Series of Stories from an Antique Easel

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Art Friend Fridays - Shadow Dog Designs

"Art Friend Fridays" is an opportunity for me to share with you fellow Artisans who I respect and admire. I have known Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs for a few years now.She has become a part of my "online family", special to me for her unique one of a kind jewelry, her love of nature,  her dedication and support of adopting dogs from Shelters, and her beautiful Sister spirit. 

This week I received one of her creations, an enchanting pair of earrings named "Moon over Monad". a piece that speaks directly to my soul. 

Moon over Monad Earrings by Shadow Dog Designs
Catherine names all of her pieces and writes detailed descriptions for each, along with explaining symbolism, making the experience as close to "in person" as possible. Her collection is vast, offering treasures that will speak to most everyone. 

One of the most special things about Catherine is her "Dog Rescue" jewelry. She donates 1/2 of the purchase price of those pieces to her local humane society.

Please take an opportunity to visit Catherine's website and learn more about her and her work. I think you will fall in love with her creations. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Earth Mama Dance - a Mother Earth Goddess Art Doll in Batik and Dreadlocks

Earth Mama, dance
when your feet touch the soil
and you feel strong and protected....
Dance mama Dance.

when the water trickles over your fingers
and your spirit feels cleansed...
Dance mama Dance.

when the breeze tickles your cheek
and you feel light as the air
Dance mama Dance.

when the glow of the Sun warms your soul
and the beat of your heart is all that you hear
Dance mama Dance.

when you're afraid and unsure
when you're sad and your soul cries
when you're angry and have lost your way
when you're happy with a perpetual smile
when you're laughing from deep inside
when you're loving without walls
and when you're Grateful for it ALL
Dance mama Dance.
Simply Dance.
Only Dance.
BE the Dance. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Metamorphosis of a Woman - Original Contemporary Folk Art

It was time for Change, time for an utterly complete transformation. When she found herself walking through her days feeling like a foreigner in a strange distant land, she knew that somehow her life had been derailed into something that was unrecognizable....something that was not hers. Somewhere along the way she had relinquished her power to the manipulations of those who never had her highest good in mind.
 Feeling broken she retreated quietly into the deepest past of her self, seeking respite and answers. She had lost everything and in retrospect realized that it was necessary, for this transformation required her to be in a most raw and authentic state.
It was time to recreate her life into the magical journey it was meant to be. This time she will live it as the empowered woman warrior that she is, wiser for the battles she has already fought, and with a sage's grace that comes with the passing of seasons. 

Metamorphosis of a Woman Original Painting of Woman with Wings

She spent considerable time wrapped up in her protective cocoon, ignoring the criticisms and judgments she could hear from the outside. They didn't know what kind of work was being done inside, nor did she feel the need to explain. 
Finally a whisper suggested that she was ready to emerge. Slowly she began to shed  those protective layers to reveal her transformed Self, confident and strong. Filled with a wisdom from past experiences, she knows this time she is living for Her...this time she will write her own story.

Metamorphosis of a Women Original Painting of Women with Wings

She opens her vibrant wings and perches on the center of a flower, ready for flight. She pauses for one second and asks herself... "Am I truly ready?"

unequivocally YES.
Metamorphosis of a Woman Original Painting of Woman with Wings

Metamorphosis of a Woman Original Painting of Woman with Wings

Metamorphosis of a Woman Original Painting of Woman with Wings

This Original Painting titled Metamorphosis is available in my Indiemade shop here:
Metamorphosis Painting available on Indiemade

Metamorphosis of a Woman Original Painting of Woman with Wings

Metamorphosis of a Woman Original Painting of Woman with Wings

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Relaxation and Self Care in the New Year with Mandalas

In a rapidly growing society that is ever more technology based, our spirit seeks ways to Relax, Decompress, Slow down, and Connect within. Adult coloring books have had a huge popularity, with intricate designs and pattern. Many of those coloring books have mandala based templates. 

This weekend, I am offering an opportunity to take one of my workshops on "Creating an Intention Mandala". While engaging in the serenity of designing your Mandala, we will incorporate symbolism that reflects your Intentions for the New Year. I will provide handouts with common universal symbols, along with color and number symbolism to help through the activity. 

Each participant in the workshop will receive a mini protractor set, that can then be used at home to continue making mandalas, even drawing them in your journals. 
The mandalas in the workshop will be created on canvas panels and all materials are provided. 

The workshop will be held adjacent to my art studio, in the Artist's Cellar downstairs from Jongo Java Coffeehouse at 117 S. Main St. in Hendersonville, NC
Saturday, January 2nd  11am - 3pm