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Mermaid and Patina Moon

Mermaid and Patina Moon
In the past she would swim to the surface to sit along the water's edge and watch the humans. She used to find them quite magical. Most mermaids thought so. But over time she lost her intrigue. She began seeing their shadow sides, and how their fears evolved into hate. She couldn't stand to watch them being so mean to one another anymore and decided to remain in the safe and loving waters of the cove. 
As the years passed she began to change. Merfolk don't age like humans, with wrinkles and such. Merfolk begin to patina when they age, a colorful sheen cloaks them, most especially their tail. As she began to patina, she became hidden in the waters even more. She blended into her surroundings with precision. This made the Moon ever so sad because he loved Fin the most. 
It seemed that every night it would take longer and longer to find her. Finally one cold night in November he called to Fin and presented her with a gift wrapped in stars. Inside she f…
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Inspiration behind Spiritual Artwork

Often collectors will ask me where I get my ideas and inspirations for my Artwork.I have a strong spiritual connection between my heart and art.  I am blessed to have a very fluid flow of creative inspiration, and most of the time the ideas for pieces come quite naturally. Colors or themes will pop into my mind throughout the day and night, and I keep several journals where I can jot them down or sketch out an image. Other times they come to me when I am doing personal healing work - when I am journaling or meditating. And at times they come in a very focused way during those moments when I do Automatic Writing. I will quickly grab one of my notebooks and begin writing, and while those messages come fast, the handwriting is fast and often messy. I have to be sure to read it back to myself several times to be sure that I can retain it because the handwriting WILL not be neat.

This week I decided that I would share a bit of that process and the creations that came forth. Here is an Auto…

Spring Equinox, Full Super Moon, and a Goddess Wand

The Spring Equinox is approaching (Wednesday March 20th), and will be coupled with March's Full Super Moon that same evening. Mercury will also be going direct the following week. For those who are in sync with the moon and these energies, some of the shifts can already be felt. The spiritual meaning of the events promises to be not only a beautiful healing time, but also a very productive time.
This particular Full Moon speaks to letting go of things that no longer serve us, while the Spring Equinox speaks to Renewal, Rebirth, and New Beginnings. Beautifully, it's much like the gardener weeding and tilling his garden space before planting the new season's seeds. I decided that I wanted to create a prayer altar that would reflect that symbolism so that I could set intentions and gratitude  on that day.
I contemplated for a few days on the things in my life that no longer served me, the areas that seemed stuck, and the things that weren't growing. I thought about things …

Using Art Nouveau Color Palettes on my Mandala Paintings

This weekend I created a new Mandala Painting with a Butterfly as its focal point, and wanted it to exude and earthy yet feminine allure. I decided the best way to achieve that was to use an Art Nouveau color palette. The one I chose had a combination of Antique White, Pale Yellow. Soft Salmon, Teal, Payne's Grey, and White along with a Honey Brown as a background.

The finished piece came out exactly how I was hoping. Not only will it compliment almost any home decor, but it DOES bring an Earthy yet Feminine feel to it.

You can see more of the painting on my website here Garden of Bliss Original Butterfly Mandala Painting

Finding Happiness...somewhere in the Grey area

The Quest for Happiness....aren't we ALL on that adventure? We all seek it, but it looks different to each of us. Sometimes we've had it all along and never realized it.....until it slipped away. Sometimes we have it, we are completely holding it in our hands, but mistakenly think that happiness is something an "aha moment" with a big fat label on it, and so we overlook it without a second glance.
Parameters on Happiness Sometimes people put numerous parameters on it, like a series of events need to happen before it is attained. Sometimes it is a collection of material things. Sometimes people think that it lies within another person, and that doesn't usually work out well. And sometimes people think that if they follow the "rulebook"....DO the things it says...ATTAIN the things it says....and climb the ladder like everyone else....THEN you will have it.  Finding your own Recipe for Happiness The thing is, someone else's rule book doesn…

Master Number 33 - Mission of the Old Soul

"Mission of the Old Soul" is an Original Mixed Media Painting done in a monochromatic style, utilizing an accent color, shades of black and white with a bit of deep red. The Old Soul is represented by the aged door with wings and the 33.

The number 33 is a Master Number with great symbolism. It personifies the Old Soul, the Master Teacher, who carries vast responsibility. The Old Soul is highly sensitive and spiritually evolved, concerned for the Earth and ALL of humanity. Dedicated to raising consciousness and doing good in the world, they committed to a life of service...a Steward of Humanity.

"Mission of the Old Soul" was created with Acrylics and Golden Gels on a stretched canvas that measures 16 inches x 20 inches. The Original Painting has SOLD but you can collect Fine Art Prints and Products on my Pixels site here Mission of the Old Soul ART PRINT

The Abundant Goddess

She brought more focus and clarity to her relationship with the Universe, strengthening the flow of Abundance and Prosperity. She paid close attention to all those thoughts in her mind, allowing Positive Thinking to flourish and not giving space to negativity.
Prosperity comes to her in Expected and Unexpected ways.
She makes sure that not only will Abundance come to her from unexpected ways, events of luck and small miracles....but that it also comes to her through her Experiences, her Work, her Creativity, and that she is appreciated and compensated well for it.

She released all resistance and fears associated with money, changing her perspective, now considering it a beautiful energy that brings joy. She allows it to come to her from higher levels. She is open to this Abundance,and receives it in Gratefulness.

She Trusts, knowing that there are unlimited Opportunities. She Trusts, knowing that this energy brings only Good.
She is grateful for living in this Loving, Abundant world a…