Monday, August 18, 2014

Love Pushes through the Shadows - Symbolism of the Red Tree

The world can be a complicated place, filled with ups and downs, joys and sorrows . Lesson upon lesson is given to us to work through. While some days we are graced to encounter some beautiful souls and situations, other times the moments may be a bit more challenging. This is when our spirits long to feel treasured, accepted, loved, and supported.
It is all too easy in that longing to feel alone in this great big place. Ease your fears, for the truth is that Love, pure unconditional love, can push through the shadows on even the darkest of days. You will never walk alone, for you are always embraced.

Original Contemporary Folk Art Painting titled "Love Pushes through the Shadows" by Jeanne Fry. The Red Tree is symbolic for the passion and strength of our spirit. The heart pushes through the deep complex webbing of the branches, letting the light shine through.
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Red Tree with Heart Original Painting on Etsy

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