Sunday, August 24, 2014

Red Poppy Flower Symbolism

The beautiful Red Poppy has rich and meaningful symbolism. Its flower develops in a cup-like shape, representing our emotional spirits and the need to "fill the cup" with the nurturing of Self. It is linked to self esteem and personal power, therefore inspiring one to immerse themselves with the things that make them feel confident in their "own". 
The color Red represents Survival, Power, and how one Walks in this World. Bringing the shape and color together, it reminds us that when we stand confident and tall in our being that our personal power helps us to achieve unlimited possibilities on our Path. 
The Red Poppy is Strength and Power within our Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

When you are feeling drained or have doubts, bringing Red Poppies into your home can inspire one to come back into balance and take care of Self. Their long stems encourage us to reach for the sky and make our dreams happen.

This is my new Original Contemporary Folk painting titled "Red Poppies", and is available in my Etsy shop here

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