Monday, August 11, 2014

True Colors - Revealing your Authentic Self

I celebrate our human diversity and the beauty that each of our unique beings possess. While some may find it comfortable to blend in, finding comfort in a more subtle existence...I appreciate taking the courageous path of stepping into one's own and showing our True Colors.
The coupling of our Similarities and our Differences fosters a rich and expanding world. The Similarities comfort us in this big land of the unknown, and our Differences encourage us to grow and thrive like an individual bloom within a field of flowers, each being an important piece of the bigger picture.

When we shine and allow our True Colors to show, we encourage the next person to do the same, until soon the landscape is a cornucopia of lavish beauty.
These feelings are what inspired my painting "True Colors", bringing the courage of uniqueness alive within the Turtle's Shell. Each turtle has its similarities , but their shells offer a peak at their individual spirit.

 Today, may all of your true colors shine, and may you inspire another to do the same.

This original painting is available in my Etsy shop here:
True Colors Painting available for sale on Etsy

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