Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rituals of an Artist

Sometimes I think that the Rituals of an Artist are as important as their work itself, for in my experience the two go hand and hand. The rituals that I have created are the things that take my initial inspiration from thought mode to creative mode. If some saw my complete processes, they might think I was a bit eccentric, though for me they have become a part of the entire creation.
My artistic mode can be broken down to: Sacred Space, Sacred Mind, Sacred Art.

Sacred Space: The setting of my work area to be a Sacred Space is imperative to me, especially due to the type of artwork I do. Lighting begins my process. If creating by day, the blinds are raised, ott lights and spot lights turned on, giving me variable illuminations in my work area. If creating late at night, which is often the case, I solely rely on spot lights and candle light The candle light brings the natural earthy element in for me.  Next, the floor has got to be swept or vacuumed, this being a must for me. I think symbolically it represents the removal of yesterday's remnants. Then finally the setting up of my actual work space, whether it be painting, sculpting, or mixed media. The outer perimeter of my studio may seem cluttered with supplies, stacked bins, and organizers, but my actual work table is prepped with only what I need to work with. I will choose my paintbrushes, laying them out, then lining up the paints I will be working with. Jars of water, paint rags, and my reference materials get added. Each piece being placed is like a Meditation to me. I am fully present with the process, as if the placing of each item is that of a brushstroke.

Sacred Mind: Once the Sacred Space has been set up, my mind is focused and peaceful. The brain, heart, and hands are connected. In my mind the creation is already taking place. I need Sound in my work space, whether it be music or possibly an audio book playing in the background. I light a candle on a small  Art Alter that I have set up, thankful for my Inspirations and my abilities to Create.

Sacred Art: Each piece, no matter how big or small, is made with purpose. My focus is always to Empower and Inspire with my art. Most times the piece is reflective of what myself is needing to feel or surround myself with. (I am a Lupus Warrior with secondary ailments that challenge my being daily. While I could easily paint my pain, I use my art for healing, focused on Manifesting peace, love, and comfort.)

There are times when my rituals and processes command more time than creating the actual piece that I am working on, but to me Everything involved is a part of the process. Those rituals are just as important as each brushstroke laid on the canvas.

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Jeanne xoxo

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