Saturday, October 11, 2014

Seeking Solace - Embracing our Blue Days as an Artist

When I create, I create on an intuitive and healing perspective, most times in tune with what I myself need. We all go through changes, experiences, transformations, and growth and while sometimes these periods can be uplifting and happy, other times we can have pensive or blue days.
My spirit has been in a state of Blue the past few months, and while I am aware and conscious of these feelings, they still persist. At first I battled it, shoving those feelings down, as if they didn't or couldn't exist. But even in doing so I realized they were still there, they were coming out in my artwork. When I had stepped back and looked at the body of work I had created, the majority were in shades of literal Blue.When studying these pieces I realized that even though they were "Blue" and I knew the deep feelings that lie under the surfaces, they were not depressing or sad, but still inspirational. My spirit naturally knew how to help me navigate through those waves of emotion, with Love.

Not long after I changed my perspective and came to some realizations, realizations of acceptance. We have these days or periods of time, they are natural. I am aware and conscious as to Why they exist. While we may not be able to change circumstances, we can change how we respond to them. And so I chose to Honor those blue days for what they are, learning experiences and opportunities to change. These are the days when I acknowledge how my spirit feels and completely focus on nurturing my soul, just as I would if I were comforting a friend. I stay in balance spiritually, and draw to me colors and themes that I find soothing and healing. These are the days when I am Selfish, and okay with being Selfish.

This process is what lies behind the painting "Seeking Solace". We all have those moments when we need and want to retreat from the world to find some respite. When all the noise quiets down, we can listen to our own heart beat, take a deep breath, and find some clarity. One of Mother Earth's greatest gifts is providing us with an abundance of beauty and wonder that allows us to connect and restore. Here the woman has sought for solace amongst the forest, and has become "one" with the rhythm of the Earth. Here she fills her Spirit with Peace.

"Seeking Solace" is an Original Painting, and is available in my Etsy shop here
Seeking Solace on Etsy

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