Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Mornings of an Artist

Sunday Mornings are my sacred time, the time when I re-group and focus on my Self. I reflect on my journey and my purpose, on the people that I have connected to in this life, and how we all impact one another. 
This is when the vast majority of my ideas are born, when my intuitive self is most confident in my direction. Inspirations and images flow through me with ease, sometimes so fast I have to write them hurriedly in my worn dog-eared notebooks of artwork that is yet to become. Each thought or concept is a Seed to be planted. Each one to be symbolically created either to encourage me through my own life or to be the hand that holds another's during their journey. 
Isn't that why we are all here? 
To help one another through this life? 
To stand with one another?
As my life has evolved, this is the way in which my compassion for others has transformed. And....this is the way that my compassion for my Self has transformed.
I try to infuse this love through my artwork, lending a healing energy to each piece that will then touch someone else.
My philosophy of being an Artist is somewhat different than the norm. I do not necessarily work at widening my "customer" base, but look to truly widen my circle of friends and our connectedness. 
My art feeds a literal sense yes...the groceries that nourish my body. But it also feeds my soul, and that in itself is a blessing.

I have been told by some that my philosophies are Unrealistic...that I am a Dreamer...a Tree Hugger...a Light Heart...that these are not the ways to change the world. While this may have been meant as a criticism, I look at it as a compliment...for I believe that each time my soul touches another's soul through my art, I raise our energy and vibration for a better world.

Namaste my friends, Namaste.


rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Oh. Sacred time to center, ground, refill the well, and dream DEEP. Yeah. I so get that. And it's beautiful nourishment, isn't it?

And I delighted when I read your words, "widen my circle of friends and our connectedness." I get that, and yet when I share this "business" concept, most folks look at me as if I were speaking Martian. But I often say, about *so* many things in Life ~ it's all about relationships.

I love your work and am grateful that our paths have crossed.

Keep dreamin'!

ConsciousArtStudios said...

I understand so well about people not understanding that connectedness concept. I am surrounded by so many who are afraid to "share" another artist's work (even if they truly love it), afraid that it will take away from them somehow, instead of connecting us all more fully. The stories and the inspirations of art is so important to me, because I do truly connect it with my spirituality. I can't imagine creating without infusing my spirit and intentions into each piece. You do the same, which is why I resonate with your work as well.