Tuesday, November 4, 2014

We All See the Same Moon - From a Painting to an Art Doll

The subject matter and symbolic message from my original painting "We All See the Same Moon" resonates with my soul so greatly that I wanted to find a way to expound on its creation. The painting spoke of seeing past our differences and the things that divide us, to bond as compassionate humans in peace and love. 
This was portrayed in the painting within a celestial theme. Under the full moon, in a dark and starry sky, are four "Star Beings". Each of the Star Beings are unique and come from far different places in the universe, though they are all connected in their celestial world as Star Beings. They look beyond their differences, knowing that no matter how differently they may appear....
they all See the Same Moon. 

In order to allow the painting to evolve, I decided to create a series of cloth and clay Art Dolls of each of the four Star Beings in the painting. 
The first being, Andromeda.

Andromeda has even further inspired me to get started on the next Star Being right away.
You can find Andromeda in my Etsy shop here
Andromeda Art Doll on Etsy 

In peace and love,

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