Monday, January 26, 2015

Aphrodite Goddess of Love - 30 Goddesses in 30 Days Series

No collection of Goddesses would be complete without the endearing Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. One of the most beautiful Goddesses, she had the ability to make any Man fall in love with her. She is the ultimate symbol of Passion, and so while of course representing Love she can also be symbolic and useful to those who are striving to Find their passion in Life.

Aphrodite carries with her an eternal youth, a spirited soul who hides her age well. Her passion fuels her vibrant being which enchants all who her meet her.

She is a wonderful Goddess to look to when one is seeking love, keeping their love fresh, or exploring life to find their passion.

Aphrodite is #5 in my 30 Goddesses in 30 Days series, a personal art challenge for myself exploring the use of Peerless Transparent Watercolors.
She is available and listed in my Etsy shop here
Aphrodite Goddess of Love on Etsy 

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