Friday, January 30, 2015

The Sun Goddess Bast, a Lioness of the Woman's Soul in Watercolor

I was intrigued with this particular Sun Goddess, as she has changed greatly throughout history. "Bast" was the ancient Egyptian Lion Goddess of the Sunset, a fierce protector and warrior.
Later in time she became known as "Bastet", and instead of being associated with the Lioness, she was connected to the highly revered Cat, and known to be a Protector especially of women, children, and families. Mothers could look to her for fertility and protection of their young ones. (When the Greeks later occupied Egypt, she became associated with the moon instead of the sun)

Her name translated  to "She of the Ointment Jar". She was often depicted on ornate alabaster jars that held exquisite perfumes and ointments, and was known as the "perfumed protector".

Bast changed and evolved in her symbolism as Egypt's rule and influences changed over history. Throughout all of this change though, she still represented a fierce protection of home, families, and women. She was often associated with the feminine, luxury, and fertility. She would fight off evil spirit and negativity, and thus....could be described as the Lioness of the Woman's Soul.

The Sun Goddess Bast watercolor painting is Number 7 in my 30 Goddesses in 30 Days painting series. She is full of the Fire of the Sun, withing the Mane of the Lion.
The Original Painting has Sold,
but it is available as a Print in my Fine Art America Shop, and on Society 6
Sun Goddess on Fine Art America

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