Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spirit of the Ocean Goddess - Gourd Art Vessel

This week has been filled with a lot of Gourd Art work. After our recent trip to the Gourd Farm and coming home with a nice sized bounty of these Earth beauties, this week has been all about the Gourd...gourd art bowls, sculptures, ceremonial rattles. I'm starting to FEEL like a gourd.
This time I wanted some slightly different shaped ones in order to create Vessels...taller than a gourd art bowl and with a smaller opening in the top.
Each gourd creation will "speak" to me, and I will know what direction I want to take its design. Most of our gourd bowls have an earthy and tribal design, but this particular gourd was different. Partly because of its shape, slightly angled. We cut and shaped it with an oblong and curved opening, which gave the entire Vessel a free form which immediately made me think of a water element - flowing - movement.

I wanted to bring an Ocean theme to the gourd along with a feminine aspect, and began with several shades of purple leather acrylics. After hours of letting myself go and allowing the paintbrush to lead..."The Spirit of the Ocean Goddess" emerged.
It was later embellished with a metallic thread lacing that was adorned with mermaid, sand dollar, seahorse, and shell beads and charms.

The Spirit of the Ocean Goddess gourd art vessel is listed in my Etsy shop here

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