Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Goddess of the Four Directions - 30 Goddesses in 30 Days Series

She carries with her the Wisdom of the Four Directions. Each direction has its dedicated space on the spiritual journey, and its own element that helps to fuel it. Honoring the four directions allows to not only be in balance with the Earth, but to be in balance within ourselves. 

The East (air element) is symbolic for New Beginnings. It is here where the sun rises, our projects are in their birthing stages, and transformations are in their infancy stages.
The South (fire element) is a stage of action. It is being in the "present moment", and living in the present moment. Here you are living life passionately and creating the things that you want.
The West (water element) is symbolic of emotional healing. When we are here, we spend dedicated contemplation on "who we are". We let go of the things that no longer serve us, and try to surround ourselves with the things that nurture our souls. 
The North (earth element) is for clarity and truth. The grounded quiet time offered here allows one to be in touch with the knowledge they are seeking. 

She guides those who ask, helping them to navigate  through the seasons of Life

The "Goddess of the Four Directions" is an original watercolor painting that was created at Number 13 in my series of "30 Goddesses in 30 Days".
It is available in my Etsy shop here

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