Saturday, June 13, 2015

Using Art Modalities for my own Healing as an Artist and as a Woman

I believe that Art is Healing, for the Artist and for the Collector. The themes, the colors, the textures, the symbolism, and the energy instilled, all create pieces that when introduced to the soul can inspire changes within our own energetic being. Artwork can change our perspectives and can shift our emotions, all impacting the relationships between our Body, Mind, and Spirit. Personally I pay great attention to the colors I work with in my creations, choosing hues that compliment our chakra energy system. 
Every piece of art work that flows through my hands brings healing to me, and I am grateful for the many art modalities that I create through, each bringing its own beneficial attributes. Navigating between Painting, Gourd and Clay Sculpting, and Collage work, all allow different energies to flow in expression. I have to say though, that the modality that brings me the most "complete"  and fulfilling sense of healing is my creation of Folk Art Dolls. These all have become a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection, each having a name along with a short story or poem that accompanies them. 

Folk Art Dolls by Jeanne Fry

Being an Art Doll Artist, brings together many artistic modalities in one forum - sculpting, painting, fiber art, textiles,collage, beading, and creative writing. The completion of one art doll usually allows most or all of those modalities within one creation, which brings together the benefits and allure of each into one powerful piece of art. 
Sadly, being an Art Doll Artist does not get the credit or respect in the art world that I feel it deserves, even though "dolls" (re-creating the human form) have been present throughout our human existence, within every culture, and have great importance historically. But with that said, I will continue to be an Art Doll Artist, for it is probably the most gratifying modality for my own spirit. I would also like to think that my art doll creations will live on after me, leaving a glimpse into our culture as women during this era - the things that we think and feel, our hopes and dreams, expressed through the stories that are told in their creation. 

Grandmother of the Four Directions Gourd Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

When I need to spend time on my own soul healing, creating Art Dolls is where I turn my energy. In turn I always hope that the beautiful expressive feelings they bring me, are gifted to their collector.

If you would like to see some of my current Folk Art Dolls, you can visit them on Indiemade and Etsy here


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