Thursday, July 16, 2015

Butterflies Reconstructed - Looking at the Past to Understand the Present

The symbolism behind the Contemporary Folk Art Painting, "Butterflies Reconstructed" by Jeanne Fry. Using mixed media, Jeanne shares the story of the beautiful healing of familial patterns.

She carries the Soul of a Butterfly
a spirit perpetually evolving.
Those beautiful wings,
folded gently underneath,
would soon allow her to Fly.

She can hear the whispers
from the Chrysalis,
imparting its Wisdom,
as she undergoes her Reconstruction,
each piece gently being put back together.

Softly the voice floats
as if it were a song riding the Wind.
It is a familiar song,
the same song each of the women before her have learned...

"Dear Soul,

Be joyful.
Let go of your fears and Feel Deeply.
Trust your Heart
for it knows the way.

No judgments are allowed here.
"Normal" will never be "Beautiful".
Those breaks and cracks are merely surface
allowing your deep gorgeous spirit to seep through
like the morning sunrise after the rains.

Think fast.
and Live slow.
Enjoy each moment for what it is 
without bias. 

Amazing you,

I believe in you 
and I love you so.

You have taken a journey 
to find yourself.
Just for you.
Just because..
You decided to Live your Story.

And when your wings are Ready to Fly...
Remember the wonderful parts."

"Butterflies Reconstructed" is available in my Indiemade shop here
Butterflies Reconstructed Mixed Media Painting

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ShadowDogDesigns said...

Beautiful painting - beautiful post, Jeanne! Will share.