Friday, July 3, 2015

Mother Moon - Bringing Light and Love to the Universe

The Universe was once a cold dark and lonely place, difficult for the traveler to migrate. One had to rely on their intuition and the occasional star as a navigation point in order to find their way. Sometimes this worked well, but a lot of the time it simply produced frustrated travelers who would eventually give up on their quest. That is, until Selena...

Selena was a mother, in every fiber of her being. Nurturing was as natural to her as breathing. She wanted to not only comfort everyone who was wandering in the dark, but to help guide them. Everyone had their own path though, and she surely couldn't tell them all where they needed to go. After contemplating on how she could help she gained an understanding that if she just allowed her self to shine, her own illumination could be enough to offer the truest of guidance, inspiring others to do the same.

And so, the mother that she was  gave birth to many moons....moons that filled the Universe. Each moon shining brightly like a carefully placed nightlight. All the children of the universe, young and old, came to find comfort on those cold dark nights when they would look upon the moon and know they were home. 

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Mother Moon Original Painting on Etsy

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