Friday, July 10, 2015

Painting on Muslin - Journaling my way to Comfort Pillows

Texture is important to me in my artwork. It can help portray emotions, alter perceptions, and reflect time. I have a fondness of Muslin, for it brings to me feelings of an older sweeter time when things were a bit more simplistic, and a sense of wholesomeness. 
I've recently been painting and journaling on muslin, then later sewing it up into a diverse piece that is part art doll, part journal, and part decorative pillow. 

One of my favorites is titled "Quiet Contemplation". 

The young woman is painted on the muslin with a blend of acrylic and textile medium, while the wooden chair with vines that sits on top of her head was stamped on with ink. 
The written word that surrounds her is:

"Sometimes we need to take those moments of Quiet Contemplation, they are imperative for the Soul. Often we don't get enough of them - the Pure Stillness when you can hear your own heart beating - when you can go inside and in the Knowing.....Find the Answers.
We need not fear the Stillness...for in it we meet our truest Self"

When she was finished, I hand stitched around the artwork, creating a decorative pillow who's essence is comforting and engaging. 
She is a perfect addition to decor that is romantic, feminine, boho, or shabby chic. 

"Quiet Contemplation" is listed in my Etsy shop here

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