Friday, October 30, 2015

The Queen Bee's Honeycomb - The Nourishment of Life

The "Crowning" of the new Queen Bee was widely celebrated and holds special significance not only within her Hive, but throughout our worldly existence. Her post insures new life, the continuation of their colony, communities working together, and true concept of how each life affects another
Her existence represents fully and in depth, the Sweetness of Life
(I must chuckle when thinking - "No pressure, dear little one" )
The Queen Bee's Honeycomb Nourishment of Life Original Painting
The Queen Bee's Honeycomb - The Nourishment of Life- Contemporary Folk Painting by Jeanne Fry

Clover holds special significance to the Bee as one of their main nectar sources, and we could all take a little care with clover whose symbolism represents living a life of comfort, ease, and prosperity. 
Their magnificent Honeycomb is one to be marveled, so much work by colony, one by one each little hexagon created to build the structure. That six-sided wonder itself is representative of balance, union, nurturing, and harmony in the home. 
The Honey itself, long used as nourishment and medicine, is also a symbol of sweetness and reward. 
The Queen Bee's Honeycomb Original Folk Art Painting
Close View of "Honey" in the "Queen Bee's Honeycomb" Painting by Jeanne Fry

All in all, the Queen Bee and the life that she is responsible for is of great meaning - literally and philosophically - telling us about the importance of teamwork, family, and community - that if we work hard we will be rewarded - to keep a balance between working hard and enjoying the sweetness of life - and that no matter who we are, how great or small, we can all live a rich abundant Life. 

The Queen Bee's Honeycomb Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

The Queen Bee's Honeycomb Folk Art Painting

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