Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Women of the Equinox - Spiritual Meaning of the Folk Art Painted Muslin Ornament and Bookmark Gift Sets

The marking of the Autumn Equinox and the arrival of the Fall Season is rich in spiritual meaning and our healing processes. It's a time to reflect on cycles, change, letting go, and going inward. It is a time of sweet memories of what Was and what Is, and an acceptance that everything has its season, it's own time and place for being. We're encouraged to take those memories inward, honor them, and utilize their lessons in the future.
These are the moments when we cherish the positive notes of our journey, and let go of the things that no longer serve us. We don't forget them, but we release them, relieving our shoulders and our hearts from carrying unneeded baggage that weighs us down.
We prepare for the Quiet time, opportunities to reflect and heal, spending quality time healing our Soul. This is an absolute ME time, utilize it - cherish it - love it.

This Autumn I created four pieces of Art that reflect this gorgeous time, actually four "sets" of original art to help honor our inward processes. Each set is done in a shabby chic style, a style that accentuates memories and time. The sets include an Original Painted Muslin Ornament of an Equinox Woman, and an Original Painted Tag or Bookmark of the same Woman.

"Put your Hair up and Get your Warrior on" is the theme of the first set. It is an honoring of the Spiritual Warrior that lives within you, an Invitation that invites her to this special time when you are giving honor and respect to your most authentic self - of who and what you are.
Get your Warrior On - Folk Art Gift Set on Etsy

"Dig Down...Find You" is the theme of the second set. It encourages one to take the opportunity to enjoy this inward time of Self Care, to reflect and learn more about themselves, and to make choices that resonate with one's highest good.
Dig Down Find You Folk Art Gift Set on Etsy

"Passionate Spirit" is the theme of the third set. It speaks of allowing your passionate creative spirit to take the reigns in guiding you, allowing your intuitive self to light the way, and trusting that you can create the life you seek to have.
Passionate Spirit Folk Art Gift Set on Etsy

"Each Moment" is the theme of the fourth set. It reminds us to savor and appreciate each moment, for however long it lasts. If we are spending too much time in the past or in the future, we are missing out on the here and now.
Each Moment Folk Art Gift Set on Indiemade

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