Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Talking Easel - my Friend my Confidant

On an overcast Monday afternoon, while busy painting in my studio and thinking about cleaning up for the day, I was completely unaware that I would soon be embarking on a meaningful journey with an Elder. Within just a quick half hour I was cleaning my palette and throwing my bag over my shoulder on my way to meet a friend. What I thought was going to be conversation over coffee, actually ended up being an introduction to an Elder male that needed a home. His guardian felt that the two of us would get along famously and trusted that I would be able to give him the home he deserved.
The Talking Easel by Jeanne Fry

Without a thought I invited him to get in my car and pulled the seat back so he could stretch his legs. He was quiet and reserved, and looked as if he had been a bit sad before getting here. It was pure silence on the way home, the two of us not quite knowing how to strike up a conversation just yet. 
I showed him to his new room which over looked the park and streetlights, quickly feeling a breath of relief shudder through him. He seemed to stand just a bit taller now, realizing he could watch the birds fly and the trees bloom and life move about. 
I placed my hand on his shoulder, whispering "welcome home" in his ear, noticing how weathered his skin was. 

As I went to turn away a warm soft voice answered back "It's wonderful to be home, I have a good bit of stories to tell you". 
I suppose I should have been startled, but the voice felt familiar and comforting. "I'll be back after dinner I told him", and he smiled and turned to watch the bluebird out the window. 

The Talking Easel a Series of Stories from an Antique Easel The Talking Easel a Series of Stories from an Antique Easel

Over dinner my husband commented on what a beautiful antique easel that was and how much character it had, and I said "Yes, he IS full of character" while I smiled and looked toward his room. 

The Talking Easel a Series of Stories from an Antique Easel

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