Monday, September 5, 2016

Circus Kitty for President 2016 - Our Choice for Happiness

Ladies and Gentlemen -
If you have spent the last year or so feeling alienated, disappointed, unheard, or frankly just disgusted with the presidential campaigning..then worry no longer because there is a Light on the Horizon. 
For the Good of our Country, our People, our Earth, and all the Four-Legged in the world...
Circus Kitty has decided to run for President in 2016.

Circus Kitty for President 2016 Our Choice for Happiness

She has an in depth and meaningful Platform, which she will be sharing here in detail over the next week. You will find that she is the Right Choice, the Moral Choice, and THE Choice for Happiness for all beings. 

Overview of the Circus Kitty  Campaign Platform:

*Free Milk Program and Support for our Local Farms

*"Free Hug" Stations built in every City

*Mandatory Daily Catnaps for Vital Health

*Heroes of Kindness Program

*Stop the Bullies Initiative

*Membership in The Flowing Abundance Circle

*Tutus for Everyone 

*and about that "WALL" being built.....
We will instead build a 40 Foot Scratching Post

Join us in Real Change for our Country...
"Feel the Purr"


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