Sunday, January 15, 2017

I May Bend, but I Will Not Break

I have recently been drawn to create a body of work that focuses on Strength. With the changes that have been happening in our communities and our political sphere, there has been a significant rise in bullying, intolerance, hate, and fear. 
This energy, which once felt like an acute event, now feels like a chronic current continually and quietly flowing underneath everything. Its presence has left me often feeling consumed with anxiety, along with those around me. And so, I decided to try and work through those feelings with my Art and create this body of work. I will be creating it, in one medium or another, every day. It is 
"30 Warrior Women in 30 Days". Each piece will have a "writing" attached to it, portraying the feelings or thought process associated. 

Day One: "I May Bend, but I will not Break"

Warrior Woman Paitning - I may Bend but I will not Break

"I may Bend, but I will not Break. 
Those winds of change, unexpected forces that push me up against the side of the mountain, they may cause me to pause....but only for a moment. 
I am resilient.
I will keep Climbing. 
I am a Warrior Woman. 

Those predictable tricksters, the ones who put obstacles in the path, they may slow my trek to the finish line...but they will not prevent it. 
I will stay alert.
I will readjust my path. 
I will keep Walking. 
I am a Warrior Woman. 

Those crazy makers and drama dwellers, the ones who drain the energy of others and speak in half-truths, they may hurt me...but they will not cause me to close my heart to others. 
I will practice Self Care.
I will stay aware. 
I will keep Loving. 

I am a Warrior Woman. 
I may pause but I will continue to climb.
I may readjust the path but I will continue to walk. 
I may protect my heart but I will continue to love. 
 I may bend but I will not break,
I am resilient.
I am strong.
I am fragile.
I am a believer. 
I am a Warrior Woman."
(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry

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Art Prints available on Fine Art America here I May Bend but I Will Not Break

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