Sunday, January 22, 2017

Resistance - Day Four of 30 Warrior Women in 30 Days

There is something surreal about moving through your day, and knowing at the same time you are watching history take place. That is how yesterday, January 21st, 2017 was for me. To have spent so much of my adult life as an artist, focused on creating Art that empowers and inspires so often portray that the world is waiting for the Women to Rise....left me feeling validated and complete while watching the Women's March on Saturday. I don't even know that I can put into words the feeling of awe as I watched over a million women around the world take to the streets and use their Voice. 
My heart was overflowing with Love and Hope. I was so proud of each and every one of them, for showing up, for marching, for speaking, for Being. 
They played it Live on the television, showing the marches in Washington and around the world. I pulled up live feeds on my phone, listening to the speakers and being inspired. In the midst of the history making, I pulled out my watercolors. Saturday was supposed to be Day 4 of my "30 Warrior Women in 30 Days" series, and I now knew who would be painted that day, 
Day Four's painting would not be a single woman. It would be a sea of women, marching, representing, connecting. 

Resistance Watercolor Painting Day 4 of 30 Warrior Women in 30 Days series

I am keeping the "Resistance" painting for myself, to remind me of this important day - the beginning of a movement - of Women Rising. 

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Art Prints available on Fine Art America here Resistance