Friday, April 14, 2017

The Multifarious Paths of the Emperor Moth - Original Contemporary Black and White Painting

This Original Painting of an Emperor Moth, created in Black and White, is titled "Multifarious" by Jeanne Fry. With a Contemporary and Modern feel, the painting focuses on the highly detailed Emperor Moth while hints of Abstract movement come from behind. 
By creating the artwork entirely in black, white, and shades of grey, I wanted to highlight the contrast and illusion of Simplicity and Complexity. The abstract flowing design behind the Moth represents various choices offered to the Moth - the Multifarious Paths of her journey. 

Original Black and White Painting of Emperor Moth 18x24 by Jeanne Fry

She later realized that she had put herself through a great deal of unnecessary worrying and stress. After exploring all of the various paths that were open to her, there was no "right or wrong" choice for they all brought her to the same destination - the place that her motivated heart desired. Some of the paths took considerably longer than others. Some of the paths were more difficult that others. And some of the paths tested her, asking her if she was sure about where and what she wanted.. She stayed persistent and strong, referring back to her heart when she doubted. She learned how sometimes we can make the most simple and obvious things in life way more complicated than need be. And, she learned above all, to be grateful for the Journey and grateful for the Multifarious Paths that bring it color. 

Original Black and White Emperor Moth Painting Framed 18x24
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