Sunday, May 7, 2017

Coffee Break - The Importance of Fairy Fika

In the beginning, the very first Fairy Queen had put a lot of thought and love into creating the rules of the Land. She traveled the world, visiting other cultures and seeing what worked and what didn't...what she liked and what she didn't. Her ultimate goal was to create a home for her Fairy kin that would be supportive, nourishing, and sustaining. She wanted to be sure that there was every opportunity for Happiness possible.
While visiting in Sweden, she fell in love with their practice of Fika. Fika is a moment to gather, to converse, over coffee and a sweet bread. While the coffee and treat was superb on its own, it was much more than a coffee break,  the emphasis was on taking the time with someone else. Many of the businesses make Fika mandatory at different times in the day, and it has proven to be a great benefit for the people.
Coffee Break - The Importance of Fairy Fika

So the Fairy Queen decided that they would design their Land and create many many gathering places, for small groups and large groups, throughout the Fairy Kingdom. All kinds of places to sit and talk are virtually everywhere you look. Wooden benches, toadstools, empty nests, tree trunks, along with all kinds of other creative and natural sources were used.
Now on almost any given day when you stroll around their community, you will find the Fairies filling all of those creative spots.  Here and there, drinking coffee or tea, talking and laughing, the Fae are a closely-knit and loving people.
Coffee Break - The Importance of Fairy Fika

Should you unexpectedly meet up with a Fairy (and nowadays they disguise themselves well, but you will KNOW), and they invite you to Fika....graciously accept and enjoy the honor.

You can find my painting on my website here Coffee Break - the Importance of Fairy Fika

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