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Tea Time at the Fae Nest - Fairy Art

Tea Time for the Fae Original Painting by Jeanne FryEveryone needs a little quiet alone time, and Olive DewBerry knows this most of all. The Fae in the Grove know her as one of the most popular social butterflies in the Forest. Olive is always the one who hosts the Afternoon Tea Times, puts together fabulous birthday parties, and organizes the weekly Firefly Music Concerts. She has a perpetual smile, giggles ferociously, and makes everyone feel as if they are the most important person in the room. Olive is such a happy and kind Faerie, that she makes her job as an organizer look far easier than it is. 

So, what is Olive's secret to success? How does she make it all look so easy? And how on Earth does she keep that smile all day long? Olive learned the power of Me Time. She understands that in order to be able to give so much, and to be able to give happily from the heart, that she Must take care of herself first. 

In the early morning hours when the dew is still clinging to the petals, Olive quietly whisks herself away to a secret spot, where there is an empty nest amid the wild growing Wisteria. She crawls into the nest with a cup of Earl Grey tea. Here she slowly wakes up and listens to the songbirds and the crickets and the rabbits hop around in the thicket. Sweet smells of jasmine and honeysuckle waft through the breeze. These are the moments that are most special to her. Finally, when the sun creeps through and kisses the tip of her nose, she knows it's time to leave her secret morning magic and off to start a new day. 
Tea Time of the Fae Original Painting by Jeanne Fry

The Original Painting has SOLD, but Fine Art Prints are available on my Pixels site here
Tea Time at the Fae Nest ART PRINTS


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