Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Abundant Goddess

She brought more focus and clarity to her relationship with the Universe, strengthening the flow of Abundance and Prosperity. She paid close attention to all those thoughts in her mind, allowing Positive Thinking to flourish and not giving space to negativity.
Prosperity comes to her in Expected and Unexpected ways.
She makes sure that not only will Abundance come to her from unexpected ways, events of luck and small miracles....but that it also comes to her through her Experiences, her Work, her Creativity, and that she is appreciated and compensated well for it.

The Abundant Goddess Original Painting Goddess Art Spiritual Intention

She released all resistance and fears associated with money, changing her perspective, now considering it a beautiful energy that brings joy. She allows it to come to her from higher levels. She is open to this Abundance,and receives it in Gratefulness.

The Abundant Goddess Original Painting Detail of Liquid Pearl

She Trusts, knowing that there are unlimited Opportunities. She Trusts, knowing that this energy brings only Good.
She is grateful for living in this Loving, Abundant world and knows that the more she Gives and Receives the Abundance, the more she is supported.

Each morning she states:
"I have unlimited choices.
 Thank you.
 The Opportunities available to me are abundant.
 Thank you.
 I am worthy and deserving.
 Thank you.
 I am appreciated and compensated well for my work and my abilities.
 Thank you.
 I am open to unexpected joys and prosperity.
 Thank you.
 I appreciate the financial security in my life.
 Thank you.
 I support those around me to prosper, growing this beautiful energy.
 Thank you.
 Loving, Supportive, and Harmonious energy is all around me.
 Thank you.
 I interact with this Abundant, Prosperous energy with Joy.
 Thank you.
 I radiate Success and Goodness.
 Thank you.

This Original Painting is titled "The Abundant Goddess". It measures 7 inches x 14 inches, and is accompanied by a Signed Copy of this writing. You can find her on my website here
The Abundant Goddess Original Painting for Sale

The Abundant Goddess Original Painting by Jeanne Fry Art

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