Sunday, February 25, 2018

Finding Happiness...somewhere in the Grey area

The Quest for Happiness....aren't we ALL on that adventure? We all seek it, but it looks different to each of us. Sometimes we've had it all along and never realized it.....until it slipped away. Sometimes we have it, we are completely holding it in our hands, but mistakenly think that happiness is something an "aha moment" with a big fat label on it, and so we overlook it without a second glance.

Parameters on Happiness

Sometimes people put numerous parameters on it, like a series of events need to happen before it is attained. Sometimes it is a collection of material things. Sometimes people think that it lies within another person, and that doesn't usually work out well. And sometimes people think that if they follow the "rulebook"....DO the things it says...ATTAIN the things it says....and climb the ladder like everyone else....THEN you will have it. 

Finding your own Recipe for Happiness

The thing is, someone else's rule book doesn't work for another. Each and every person has a different perception of Happiness, and each and every person has their own unique path to get there. There is no black and white here that equates to "happy". There is an exclusive recipe for each human being in how to create their own bowl of Happiness, and that recipe is found somewhere in a shade of grey. 
In the Grey there is flexibility, priorities, intentions, boundaries, ambitions, compromises, purpose, hopes, and desires. Somewhere in that shade of Grey you will find the perfect mixture for your bowl. 

"'Finding Happiness in the Shades of Grey" is an Original Contemporary Folk Painting. Here I have brought together the beautiful Crow Totem within a Flower Garden and showcase the Anemone Flowers which are one of my favorites. I use symbolism in the painting to bring forth the message - the Crow Totem's resourcefulness and constant state of seeking, along with the color schemes.  
You can see more of it on my website here

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